Who doesn't love the fall season? If you don't you're probably lying to yourself. As the leaves change and the nights get cold, who can resist a pumpkin flavored treat?

The photos here were taken in the Tahoe Basin

I. Love. Fall.

I know what you're thinking, everyone loves fall, but growing up in a state with no fall (like zero feeling of fall), I have grown to love it more than the average joe. Witnessing the leaves of the aspen, cottonwood and maple trees change is like seeing color for the first time.

Have I been color blind my entire life?  I think this is a possibility. Regardless, I am a fall lover. I could spend hours laying in a field of straw, gazing up at bright green, orange and yellow leaves as they weightlessly float toward the ground. I am often made fun of for my avid consumption of all things pumpkin during this season, but I am not deterred. And as the nights cool I love getting to cozy up in bed and turn on that electric blanket, which might be the best gift I was ever given.

I love fall and I don't care who knows it!

During this time of year I enjoy photography that plays a lot with depth of field and change of focus. This isn't necessarily specific to the fall season, but something about the half barren trees and browning grass makes those images really special to me.

I also have a slight obsession with photographing lichen on trees and rocks. It feels to me like nature's art and deserves a spotlight. Next time you're wandering through a forest just take a moment to stop and look deeper at these splashes of oranges and greens that cover the landscape.

Little known fact: the green lichen covered trees that line the banks of the Truckee River is what really drove my desire to move the Tahoe area in the first place.  So thank you lichen, you've changed my life and for that I will always pay tribute to you through photography.